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When it comes to industrial automation, Allen Bradley is a brand that has earned a reputation for high-quality and reliable products. is proud to offer a range of Allen Bradley products to customers worldwide, including the following:

1756 CNB: ControlNet Bridge Module

The 1756 CNB module provides a communication bridge between ControlNet networks and other devices. It supports 99 nodes per scanner and has a user-selectable data rate. You can purchase the 1756 CNB module at

1756 HSC: High-Speed Counter Module

The 1756 HSC module is designed for high-speed counting applications, such as those involving motion control and material handling. It has four channels and can count up to 1 MHz. You can find the 1756 HSC module at

1756 IB32: Input Module

The 1756 IB32 input module is used for digital input signals, such as those from sensors and switches. It has 32 input points and is compatible with 24V DC sink and source inputs. The 1756 IB32 input module is available at

1769 IQ32: Compact I/O Input Module

The 1769 IQ32 module is a compact and cost-effective option for digital input signals. It has 32 input points and is compatible with 24V DC sink and source inputs. You can purchase the 1769 IQ32 module at

22A-D6P0N104 and 22A-D8P7N104: PowerFlex 4M AC Drives

The PowerFlex 4M AC drives are compact and easy to use, with a variety of features such as adjustable frequency, current limiting, and overload protection. The 22A-D6P0N104 model has a 0.75 kW power rating, while the 22A-D8P7N104 has a 1.5 kW power rating. You can find both models at

22B-D1P4N104: PowerFlex 40 AC Drive

The PowerFlex 40 AC drive is a compact and versatile option, with a range of features such as speed regulation, dynamic braking, and overvoltage protection. It has a 0.75 kW power rating and is available at

700-TBR24: Timing Relay

The 700-TBR24 timing relay is a versatile option for timing and control applications. It has eight selectable timing functions and can be easily programmed with a screwdriver. You can purchase the 700-TBR24 timing relay at

700 HLT1Z24: Control Tower Stack Light

The 700 HLT1Z24 control tower stack light is a compact and durable signaling system. It has a bright LED light and can be configured with up to five different colors for customized signaling. You can find the 700-HLT1Z24 control tower stack light at

700-HK32Z24: Relay

The 700-HK32Z24 relay provides reliable switching for your automation system. It has a compact and modular design, making it easy to integrate into your system. You can purchase the 700-HK32Z24 relay at

At PLC2DAY, we are committed to providing our customers with the best automation products at competitive prices. Our selection of Allen Bradley products is no exception. We carry a range of Allen Bradley products designed to provide reliable and accurate performance, so you can have peace of mind that your automation systems are running smoothly.

In summary, Allen Bradley is a trusted name in industrial automation and offers a range of high-quality products that can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your industrial processes. is a reliable and trusted source for purchasing these Allen Bradley products, offering competitive pricing and worldwide shipping.

By choosing Allen Bradley products from PLC2DAY, you can be confident that you are investing in top-quality, durable products that can help you meet your automation needs. From digital input and output modules to timing relays and control tower stack lights, our selection of Allen Bradley products can help you improve your industrial automation systems.

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in conclusion, if you are in need of reliable and high-quality automation products, consider purchasing from Allen Bradley and With a range of products to choose from and excellent customer service, we are confident that we can help you meet your automation needs and improve the efficiency and productivity of your industrial processes.